Art Kane Award


 The Art G. Kane Memorial Award was established in 1987 to honor those persons that have dedicated themselves to the ideals of the California Automatic Fire Alarm Association (CAFAA).

Art Kane was an Electrical Engineer who worked for Pyrotronics, a manufacturer of early warning fire detection systems.  Art worked out of the Los Angeles office and had many years of experience in smoke detection and the application of those detectors on various facilities.  He conducted many seminars and made presentations on fire alarm systems and smoke detectors for designing Engineering firms, fire services throughout the western United States, and at NFPA annual meetings.


Although Art worked for Pyrotronics, he was always ready to assist CAFAA members with difficult applications in fire alarm systems.  He worked with the understanding that if he could help anyone in the industry, we would all benefit.  That ideal is one of the founding principles for CAFAA.  It was Art’s dedication to the Fire Alarm industry that the annual Art Kane Award was initiated by the California Automatic Fire Alarm Association.


ART KANE Award Honoree’s

Bernie Gasiewicz 1987
Noel Palm 1990
Bill Fitchie 1992
Ralph Lingle 1993
Adolph DuClusan 1994
John Gillilan 1995
Michael Reeser 1995
William Hopple 1996
Shane Clary 1997
Douglas Shackley 1999
Harris Oliff 2001
Rhett Day 2002
Ronald L. Dalton 2003
Arnold M. Cairns 2005
Monsignor John Sammon 2007
Ernest Power III 2008
Ron Kunkel 2008
Ben Ho 2011
John Guhl 2012
Tom Hammerberg 2013
Kevin Green 2017