1. Supported and helped to organize technical schooling for the fire service.

2. Participated in advisory groups and code committees to provide input on code changes and legislation affecting the alarm industry.

3. Monitored developments in the fire industry, and informed our membership of codes and standards affecting the alarm industry.

4. Provided liaison and interface between members and local, state and national fire authorities.

5. Promoted high professional standards among the association’s membership in conjunction with the fire service.

6. Established and administered the Fred H. Barth perpetual Memorial Fund which provides educational grants to students in the field of fire science.  The memorial fund was established in memory of Fred and Kaye Barth (Fred was a charter member) whose lives ended untimely in an airplane crash in the Canary Islands in 1977.

7. Established a joint committee with the fire service on detector reliability.

8. Instrumental in the success of the C-7/C-10 transition. (Click to View) License History – C-61 (D 05) and C-7 transition to C-10

9. Our members actively participate and are represented at various technical committees of NFPA 72.

10. Active in code promulgation with ICC, CA State, and California State Building Standards Commission.

11. Awards the “ART KANE MEMORIAL AWARD” which is presented to an individual who unselfishly dedicated him or herself to the principals and objectives of CAFAA.

12. Instrumental in the passage of Senate Bill 575 (October 2001) which requires automatic smoke detection systems in new schools.